International Students Left Vulnerable by Unregulated Industry

Moy Wong-Tam, Executive Director of CICS, said CICS is hearing more stories of Chinese international students struggling to adjust in Canada. The unregulated industry leaves students vulnerable to scams and poor treatment at the hands of the people responsible for the kids' well-being.

Tina Liu, 16, said her parents paid $16,000 to her first custodian to guarantee the teenager would receive more attention but she says she couldn't reach him when she needed him. (Lisa Xing/CBC)

Industry experts say that hundreds of thousands of international students are here from around the world, many even younger than Tina, and largely fending for themselves in a new country without adequate support from school boards, provincial governments and the federal government. And now settlement agencies, student recruiters and host family companies are urging these bodies to regulate the industry.


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