Early Years Services

CICS’s Early Years program aims to support families with newborns up to six-year-old children. We offer programs and services that promote positive learning experiences for young children while fostering healthy adult-child relationships. We have a wide selection of programs, resources, and support for pre- school children and their parents as the children transition to formal schooling.

Program Highlights:

  • Play groups for ages 0-6:
    EarlyON drop-in programs
  • Parenting education workshops:
    Nobody’s Perfect Program, Kids Have Stress Too, etc.
  • School Readiness Program:
    Studentsmart, Get Ready For School
  • Recreation and Interest classes:
    Summer Camp, Fun with Drawing, etc.

Description of our programs & services:

  • Play groups for ages 0-6: A variety of learning programs are provided to support children at different ages and stages of development. Programs are delivered in a fun, play-based, interactive learning environment.
  • Parenting education workshops: A variety of parenting workshops and programs are provided to meet the needs of parents who have children aged 0-6. It will help enhance parents’ confidence in parenting and develop their social support network.
  • School Readiness Program: These programs are specifically designed to help pre-school children enhance their social, language and self-help skills to increase their confidence upon entering kindergarten.
  • Information and referral: Our professionally trained staff will help families identify personalized needs pertaining to early years development and increase access to appropriate community resources.

Contact Information:
General inquiries: 416-292-7510 ext 1124

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