Early Years Services

Early childhood is a most crucial period in human development. From birth to age 6, the brain of a child develops rapidly, allowing fast absorption of knowledge. Our services provide ample learning opportunities to encourage and develop your child’s unique talents to the fullness.


  • New born baby to children up to 6 years old and their parents, grandparents, and/or caregivers


  • To foster healthy parent-child relationships
  • To strengthen children’s communication, social and learning skills
  • To enhance children’s adaptation and involvement in social activities


  • Parent-child Activities:
    Fun with Babies, Tots Corner, Mother Goose, Reading Circle, Family Together, and many more
  • School Readiness:
    Parentsmart and Studentsmart Training Course, Get Ready for School
  • Educational Workshops:
    Workshops on Effective Parenting, Peer Nutrition Program, Nobody’s Perfect Program, Kids Have Stress Too, Reaching In…Reaching Out
  • Recreation and Interest:
    Summer Camp, Fun with Twinky Dance, Fun with Drawing, and Family Educational Trip

Description of Programs :

  • Training
    • Parentsmart training course
      This 24-session course is designed to help parents to equip their children ready for school. Topics include early years nutrition, early childhood development, positive guidance, Ontario school system, and effective communication skills.
    • Studentsmart training course
      This 24-session course is specifically designed to help young children get ready for school and to enhance their skills in the areas of cognitive & social development, language preparation and self help. Children must be 3 -6 years old and parents must be the participants of ParentSmart.
  • Children literacy programs
    Programs such as Mother Goose and Reading Circle are provided to promote the importance of early literacy and help parents to support young children in literacy development.
  • Play groups and play based interactive activities
    A variety of early learning programs are provided to support families with young children 0-6 years of age. Programs are delivered in a fun-filled, play-based parent-child focus interactive learning environment.
  • Parent-child interactive activities
    In order to strengthen the bonding between parents and children and help parents to support their young children in early development, parents and /or caregivers are given many opportunities to practice new ideas and concepts on how to play with their young children through the participation in our early learning programs.
  • Parenting education workshops and group activities
    A variety of parenting workshops and programs are provided to meet the needs of parents who have children 0-6 years of age. It will enhance parents’ confidence in parenting and increase their social support network.
  • Information and referral
    Our professionally trained staff will help families identify their needs pertaining to early years development and access to appropriate resources that provided in the community.

Contact Information:

Immigrant Resource Centre Office:   416-292-7510 ext 124 or 139
Toronto Integrated Service Centre:   416-293-4565 ext 105 or 104

Program Calendars and Description of Early Years Services April 2022 in English
学前儿童教育服务 2022 年 4 月份日历与介绍

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