Family and Senior Services

Family and Seniors Services at CICS understand that staying active is an important part of a well-balanced lifestyle. To help you achieve that balance, we have a wide range of programs for you and your family members to choose from.

You can keep physically active by taking part in our taiji, yoga, badminton, and gardening, as well as drop-in fitness program for seniors.

You can pursue lifelong learning by joining our musical instruments classes. Our informative seminars and workshops on topics of health and wellness, internet safety, housing, home safety, Canadian law, social benefits, healthy eating and cooking, etc. will fill your curiosity and enrich your knowledge base. In addition, it’s never too late to learn a new language, so jump into one of our many language classes. There are different classes based on your ability, so if you’re just looking for an opportunity to refresh your language skills, we welcome you! 

Help your children to be plugged into the community! To find programs for children aged 6 and above, browse through our Children and Youth page. We have a variety of programs to meet your child’s educational, physical, emotional, and social needs. When we design programs, we constantly think about how children can learn about the world and themselves in an exciting and meaningful way. Parents can also find support from our team through our parenting workshops and individual consultations.

There are over 200 programs waiting for you. Browse through these sections to find the programs best suited for you!

We love feedback! If you have suggestions for programs that we can provide in the future, we would love to hear from you. Please click Feedback to submit your feedback.