Children and Youth Services

CICS provides programs and activities for immigrant children and youth in both Toronto and York Region.

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Toronto Newcomer Day 2021
Toronto Newcomer Day 2021
Mental Health Program
Settlement & Integration Services

Below are programs in Toronto:


The After School Program provides group/individual support to new immigrant students (grades 5-10) aiming to strengthen their academic performance, especially their English skills. With life skills training as a part of the program, students can further develop their understanding of Canadian social culture and learn to adapt better.


It is for students who would like to take their learning to the next level. These academic enrichment classes follow the Ontario curriculum for English (Grades 1-10) and Math (Grades 1-12) and they are conducted in English by experienced teachers.

Pre-employment Training
L.I.F.T. (Launch Into Future Training)

This pre-employment program aims to equip new immigrant youth with the on-demand job-search skills and employment information needed to make informed decisions on educational and career choices.

Life Skills Training

Learning beyond books! To make your mark in the world, you need to know how to apply what you know well. Topics include: intercultural communication, team-building, conflict resolution, problem-solving, cultural sensitivity, etc. We provide these workshops at various locations and at different times. We welcome invitation to bring our services to school and other community organization.

Leadership Training

Our leadership training takes youth deeper into life skills training. This interactive training focuses on youth being the leaders in their own life and in the communities they belong. The content of training is based on strengths, passion and confidence building.

Kids March Break & Summer Day Camps

Camp! Camp! Camp! Every year during March Break and Summer Break, we have a variety of camp programs aimed at helping our children and youth remain active, learn more about themselves, each other and the world around them in an exciting and fun atmosphere.

Our March Break and Summer Day Camps are designed for kids from grades 1-6. Campers will participate in recreational activities such as art and crafts, games, sports, cooking, and outings. For campers' self-development, fun-filled activities are also provided to enrich their English skills and social skills.

Youth March Break & Summer Day Camps

Our Youth Camps are the perfect choice for immigrant youth and teens aged 11-18 who wish to experience living and learning in Canada, make new friends and enjoy fun activities and trips. Our program focuses on helping youth to learn about the Canadian culture, improve their English and Life Skills through engaging recreational activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, drama, field trips, games and sports, teamwork and leadership training and more!

Youth Volunteering

Everyone has the power to make a positive difference. If you're interested in discovering yourself more, learning more and getting more involved in the community, do get in touch with us! This is a rigorous volunteering program that will give participants valuable feedback so that they may continue to grow. Let's talk about what you're interested in. We're eager to match you with opportunities that will enrich your experience and at the same time build and sharpen your skills.

CICS Scarborough Youth Council

CICS SYC is a group of energetic youth who want to make a difference in their community. Our vision is to knit the community together through empowered youth by offering opportunities where youth can discover and develop their strengths and have a positive impact in the community. Contact Katie at ext. 130 for more details on how you can get involved!

CICS Garden Club

CICS's Garden Club is for youth that are interested in spending time outdoors, enjoy learning about nature, being active with friends and making a difference in their community. Contact Tinashe at for details on how to get involved.


The Youth Drop-In Program (DIP) provides youth aged 13-24 access to safe space and resources that will help them develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

As a part of the program, participants have access to equipment for physical activities such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, floor hockey, and Dodgeball. The studio is where youth can practice either music or drama, or on a lighter note, play Guitar Hero, Guitar Band or Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with their friends. We have made the Youth Loft an awesome place for youth to hang out. The space is equipped with board games, a Foosball table, an Air Hockey table and an assortment of Wii games. There will also be a variety of workshops available each month.

Youth Interest Activities

If you want to feel more confident, learn new skills and have a LOT OF FUN, don't miss out these Youth Interest Activities at CICS designed for youth between 13 and 18 years old. All classes are conducted in English and offered all year round.

Youth Can Cook!

It equips participants with simple cooking techniques and knowledge to make healthy eating choices. No cooking experience is needed.

Youth Choir

Youth Choir is for youth ages 12-22. Come share your singing skills with friends and peers, while also giving back to the community in a meaningful way!

Creative Lab

Creative Lab is where youth aged 15-18 can develop their artistic talents in a variety of DIY projects. While learning and experimenting with different craft techniques, participants will be able to earn volunteer hours for the work they produce.

Sisters Connected

This is a girls program for girls aged 15-22. Sisters Connected offers a welcoming space for all girls to have fun! There are workshops, recreational activities, discussions, field trips, guest speakers and healthy snacks offered. Through this program, girls will become mentors and positive role models, meet lifelong friends and become young leaders.

Drama Club

If you want to improve your acting and public speaking skills, build self-confidence and have fun, sign up for Drama Club immediately.

English Conversation Circle

Led by experienced English instructors, new immigrant youth (Gr.9-12) can improve English conversation in a relaxed environment.


Badminton course is offered during school year with Basic, Intermediate and Advance levels. Table Tennis, Basketball, and other sports drop-in programs are available at various hours.

Parental Support

CICS works in partnership with other community organization in providing support to parents and care-givers that play a significant role in children's lives. We will arrange group discussion, panels and workshops in which professionals, parents and guardians can share their experiences, provide support and empower each other to face life challenges and understand contemporary issues.

Contact Information:

After School Program, English Conversation Circle, Youth Choir, Sisters Connected   416-292-7510 ext. 130
Saturday Enrichment Program, Badminton   416-292-7510 ext. 134
Life Skills Training, Leadership Training, Pre-Employment Training (LIFT)   416-292-7510 ext. 136
Day Camps, DIP, Hip Hop, Youth Volunteering, Creative Lab   416-292-7510 ext. 128
Youth Can Cook!, Youth Garden Club   416-292-7510 ext. 106
Parental Support  

416-292-7510 ext. 202