Register to volunteer by completing the following volunteer registration form. Upon completion, click "submit" at the bottom of the page. You will be contacted once your form is processed. Alternatively, you can download the Volunteer Registration Form, and email it to volunteer@cicscanada.com.

Check out the details on our Community and Volunteer Engagement page.

Note: As per our agency's vaccination policy for staff and volunteers, only fully vaccinated volunteers will be able to support in-person programs at one of our service locations. Please note we will ask for proof of vaccination to be kept on file confidentially. This does not affect virtual volunteers who are supporting programs remotely.

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* I hereby consent to my being videotaped and photographed by CICS and/or the media during my volunteering at CICS. I also give consent for such videotape and photographs to appear in the print media, broadcast media, CICS publications, CICS promotional material, and CICS website. I understand the media will most likely be for internal purposes and I will be informed should mass media be present at a volunteer opportunity.
* I hereby agree that I will hold strict confidentiality of any personal or classified information that I may come across in the course of performing volunteer services for CICS. I understand that my disclosure of such information in any form may lead to civil action instituted against me.
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