Student Placement Program

General Information

In recognition of the importance of fieldwork training for potential Social Work and Community Services professionals, CICS offers student placement opportunities for those who are registered in relevant programs at educational institutes such as colleges and universities

CICS defines a 'student' as an unpaid person who has chosen to acquire course credits in an approved academic or practical study placement at CICS. A person who is a student but is neither an intern nor required by their academic program to undertake a placement is considered a regular volunteer.

CICS would invite individual applicant to read and follow the instruction established herein. Applicants who do not follow the instruction will not be considered or accepted for a placement.


CICS is committed to providing opportunities within the organization for student placements to ensure students on placement will be able to engage in real work that provides them with relevant training and experience for their future career path. However, these opportunities can be provided only when a service or program has the capacity and resources to undertake student placements. CICS would recommend the applicant to review the Programs & Services on its website to identify the service or program of interest and pertinent to placement objective.

To Apply

  1. Individual student should complete the Student Placement Application Form and submit it together with a letter of request and resume according to the instruction on the form
  2. Any educational institute that wishes to enquire on behalf of their students should contact HR directly by emailing your request, specifying the name of student, resume and program objective to
  3. Interviews may be required to determine the suitability of the candidate and the program. All applications are assessed on an individual basis based on personal aptitudes and relevant experience to bring about the agreed upon outcomes.


The participant of CICS Student Placement Program, including the corresponding educational institute, understands the following terms:

  1. The student placement does not in any way displace nor replace any CICS employees.
  2. A police reference check or vulnerable sector screening with a local police is required of the student on placement at his/her own expense. The placement student has to forward such document to CICS prior to the commencement of the placement.
  3. Safety and insurance benefits must be provided by the student's educational institution or comparable insurance coverage by the student himself/herself. The proof of such coverage has to be forwarded to CICS prior to the commencement of the placement.
  4. Depending on the service or program that the placement student is involved in, reference checks and/or other health documents may be required and dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Responsibilities of CICS:
    • To determine the initial point of contact for completing the placement agreement and other essential documentation
    • To provide proper orientation and adequate information on agency policies, procedures and practices concerning compliance
    • To designate a placement supervisor, who shall
      • negotiate the placement activities
      • provide guidance or act as a mentor to support, monitor and evaluate the student's performance
      • provide assistance to help resolve any conflicts that may arise in the work environment
  6. Responsibilities of the Placement Student:
    • To follow the placement procedure and comply with CICS's required documentation, policies, procedures, and practices; including confidentiality agreement
    • To understand, accept and sign the Agreement/ Release and Waiver form prior to the commencement of the placement
    • To complete an evaluation of their placement at the end of the placement period.

Please follow the above procedure to submit the application.

Thank you for your interest in completing the placement at CICS.