Volunteer Guideline

As valued and integral members of CICS, volunteers understand that all volunteer work must be performed within the context of the CICS mission and vision; and that the roles of volunteers are linked to CICS core values of cultural diversity, integrity, compassion and solidarity. Volunteers also understand that they have similar obligation as regular CICS employees in terms of promoting a productive, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial workplace environment.

The guideline below outlines the understanding of volunteer towards his/ her role and the mutual expectation between CICS and the volunteer, as follows:

  1. Expectations
    • The volunteer is expected to be on time to perform the prescribed duties or assignment.
    • If it is impossible to make it to the arranged assignment, the volunteer shall call to inform the staff / volunteer coordinator at the earliest time.
    • By signing the confidentiality form, it signifies that the volunteer must hold strict confidentiality of any personal or classified information that may have come across in the course of performing volunteer duties for CICS.
    • By signing the Media Release Form, it signifies that the volunteer agrees to let their personal image be used in any media for the purposes of promoting the work of CICS.
    • For some specific assignments related to children and other vulnerable program users, a police check and TB test may be required prior to the placement.
    • The volunteer will raise any concerns to staff / volunteer coordinator during placement.
    • The volunteer will familiarize with CICS's health and safety policies and act in accordance with them.
    • The volunteer will treat all program participants in a manner that respects their choice, dignity and confidentiality.
  2. Supervision and Training
    • The staff in charge will brief, support and assist the volunteer in his/her assigned task.
    • Training will be provided to equip the volunteer with the skills in some specific tasks.
  3. Benefit
    Volunteers are reimbursed for approved travel expenses incurred while volunteering for CICS.
  4. Proof of Service
    Proof of Service will be provided on request after completion of the existing standard service hours. The request must be made within 2 years of service and two-week advance notice is required for preparing the document.
  5. Trial Period
    The length of the trial period depends on the assignment and it is normally within 2-month period. The purpose is for both CICS and the volunteer to review mutual suitability.
  6. Evaluation
    Volunteer's feedback and comments are important to CICS to help improve and enhance the content, quality and delivery of programs and services that meet the users' needs.
  7. Recognition
    Volunteers with commendable contributions will be recognized each year by CICS.
CICS reserves the right to make changes without further notice. November 2015