Housing Support Service

Housing Support Service

CICS Tenant Support Services aim to increase tenants’ knowledge and awareness of their rights and responsibilities in the private rental market. We assist tenants experiencing housing challenges and issues to improve their housing quality.

Same time, we are working closely with our community to build up a healthy and welcoming community environment for our newcomers.

Provided Services:

  1. 1:1 Information & Referral Service
    (drop-in/in-person appointment/telephone/email/social media/live chat)
  2. Community Group Activities & Information Workshops
    (Example: tenants’ rights and responsibilities/ eviction orders/ rentals preparation etc.)
  3. Multilingual Educational Updates on Social Media
    (WeChat/The Red Book/Instagram/Facebook etc.)

More housing support service details can be found on our housing flyer.


Who can use this housing service?

  • Any tenants in the private rental market in the City of Toronto

* Social housing, senior housing and subsidized housing application are NOT included in this new housing support service. For further assistance in these issues, please consult our settlement workers (416.292.7510 ext. 101 or 416.293.4565 ext. 120).

What does your housing service include? Our housing support services help tenants with the following issues:

  • Information about housing law and tenants’ rights and responsibilities
  • Landlord/tenant dispute matters
  • Eviction orders and related issues
  • Above guideline rent increase
  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • Legal and/or other political referrals
  • Others
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