Volunteer Services

Have you ever thought of giving a little bit of what you have to benefit the others?

CICS values the contribution of volunteers for their time, skills, knowledge and talents. Their contribution has been considerable and definitely helped CICS attain its goal in serving the communities with diverse needs across the regions.

CICS receives generous support from the volunteers every day. On an annual basis, they contribute over 35,000 volunteer hours on average. The volunteers in action speak volumes.

Volunteering at CICS means working with different staff members in various settings to carry out defined tasks that support the programs and services attended by clients or community members. Volunteers help bridge the gaps in services, and benefit the clients or program participants and the operation.

Volunteering at CICS also means exploring and discovering one's own endless potentials while engaging in giving to the community a part of the volunteer's own precious resources, such as time and talents. The possibilities of developing oneself or meeting new friends or building new relationships are amazing. The gains and rewards are just inconceivable!

You can become a volunteer with CICS by simply taking the following 3 Easy Steps -

Step 1 – Review the Volunteer Job Posting to see the available position(s) in which you can contribute your time, skills, knowledge and talent. Various volunteer positions will be posted on an ongoing basis.

Step 2 – Complete the Online Volunteer Registration Form

Step 3 – Attend an interview or an orientation upon being contacted and arranged for an appointment by the Volunteer Coordinator or the staff-in-charge

Volunteering at CICS means that you subscribe to the values and standard practices outlined in CICS' Volunteer Guidelines.

You can also volunteer your time with CICS by participating in the Student Placement Program, in order to complete your academic requirement of placement or internship program. For more information, please email student.placement@cicscanada.com.

Finally, CICS welcomes any feedback, comments and opinions from volunteers, that may help improve the quality, content and delivery of programs and services. Please go to our Feedback page to express your views.

CICS also welcomes potential volunteers with special physical accommodation needs, please do not hesitate to approach the specified contact in the following paragraph for details.

For more information and enquiry about regular volunteer service or activity, please email volunteer@cicscanada.com or speak with the Volunteer Coordinator, at 416-292-7510 Ext.105